Australiana Style Clay Art and Jewellery

Looking for the perfect gift, styled in Australia and featuring our unique native animals, birds and fauna? We have many Australian style badges, Australian style buttons, Australian style figurines, Australian style cards, Australian style earrings and Australian style necklaces our Australian style jewellery collections.

Please have a look at our large range of designs. Like the design but prefer a different colour? Please let us know, our artist and owner Joanne is happy to make those changes for you! Joanne is very flexible and delights in designing something a little different! The native animals of Australia are full of personality and colour

Our polymer clay Australian style art and Australian style jewellery designs perfectly capture the essence of the Australian style native animals and fauna of Australia. We make personalised Australian style badges and buttons, earrings and necklaces, magnets, figurines and sculptures. We use polymer clay and bright colours to craft unique designs.

Our buttons, badges and figurines are all hand painted using high quality and vibrant acrylic colours. Each Australian style piece is lovingly hand painted with care and attention to detail that you would expect with high quality and colourful polymer clay personalised art and jewellery.

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