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Australian animals are unique and full of colour and personality. We make polymer clay jewellery, including badges, buttons, necklaces and earrings. We also personalise with your name if desired. Our polymer clay jewellery is the perfect gift, made and owned here in Australia on the Sunshine Coast! Our Australian animals collection includes our clay jewellery kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, wombats and more!

We also make magnets, sculptures, specialty buttons and key rings. Each polymer clay jewellery design is given a life of its own by designer, artist and owner Joanne. Using acrylic paints, the vibrant colours enhance the personality of each piece of unique Australian clay jewellery. Located on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, our polymer clay personalised buttons and badges reflect the local flora and fauna of the region

Please browse our collections of polymer clay jewellery, figurines and sculptures. Our Australian animal collections are full of unique personality and colour of native Australian animals. Hand painted by Joanne, Jojoz Art Studio individually crafts and each design, including a zoo animal collection!

Our cute and colourful polymer clay designs capture the uniqueness of native Australian animals and flora and fauna. We post our Polymer Clay jewellery anywhere in Australia.

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